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Lasko U35115 Electric Oscillating High Velocity Stand-Up Tower Fan


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Auction start: 2021-09-12T12:10
End of auction: 2021-09-14T08:15

Product information

25% More Air Velocity– This maximum performance high velocity fan combines the sleek streamlined body of a tower fan with the high-powered motor of an air blower resulting in 25% more air velocity than traditional tower fans. If you live where it’s hot, this fan creates excellent air flow to help you beat the heat. 3 Powerful Speeds – This fan, powered by 3 powerful speeds, gets louder as the speed setting increases (it is high velocity, after all). But you might find the lowest setting creates just the right amount of white noise for you to get some rest. The lowest setting is also quiet enough to watch TV, yet plenty powerful enough to keep the air moving.

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