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Maytag Speed Heat Steam Iron & Vertical Steamer with Stainless Steel Sole Plate,


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Product information

"CUT YOUR IRONING TIME IN HALF: Maytag’s M200 iron reaches max temperature in less than a minute, much faster than traditional irons Plus, it only takes 3 seconds for steam to regenerate - the anti-wrinkle spray, removes wrinkles faster and the stainless steel sole plate smooth's effortlessly VERTICAL STEAM: The Maytag M200 is not just for ironing, now you can steam out wrinkles on your hanging garments too, with the vertical steam function - ergonomic soft touch grip provides the perfect balance and comfort for upright use PRECISION THERMOSTAT: Iron specialty fabrics - linen, Cotton, silk, wool, nylon, or synthetic; simply turn the dial for a precise temperature and ironing becomes quick and effortless for all your fabrics STAINLESS STEEL SOLEPLATE: Perfect steam distribution and a smooth glide"

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