Onstora.com is one of the key platform projects of SEC Pte, a company established in Singapore as Software Empower Cooperation (SEC) Pte and a proud member of CMC Holdings Inc. registered in the USA.

SEC Pte is a pioneer in creating innovative products and services based on fintech and blockchain technology.

Notable business ventures include Onstora.com an reverse auction e-commerce platform, Paygate a global payment company and the issuance of FTXF cryptocurrency.

Onstora.com is a unique project in the ecosystem of SEC Pte that was created to increase the liquidity of FTXF cryptocurrency. As such it’s a testament to the determination of SEC Pte to deliver a constant roadmap of new and engaging products and services in an effort to increase long-term value by venturing in the international arena.

We hope that Onstora.com as well as all future projects will have the same enthusiastic support from our partners and loyal customers alike. You deserve the best, we strive to do better!

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