Complaint policy, compensation policy:

- Time for customers to submit a complaint: Within 24 hours of receiving the auction winning asset.

- Time to receive and handle complaints: Get a response within 1 day if the customer's complaint is related to Onstora's professional departments.

- If the customer's complaint is related to the auctioneer, our response will be sent to the customer within 3-5 days depending on the cooperation of the auctioneer..

- Service complaint processing time depends on the following factors:

  • For complaints that need to be confirmed or worked with a third party including (the person with the auctioned property, the shipping unit...): ACGroup will have to work with these units to get the information. and handling complaints.
  • For complaints arising from ACGroup's fault, we will handle it within 03 days in case there is no interruption in the process of exchanging and communicating with customers about handling options.

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