• Find the product you like

  • Use the “Bid Now” Button or the BidAuto to bid automatically for you.

  • If you are the Lowest bidder when the timer hits zero, you WIN!


Get bids back with Buy It now Lost an auction? No worries! You can always purchase the item at the Buy it Now price. It will be delivered within 15 days. What about all of the bids you placed in the auction? You get them all back! Every time you use the "Buy it Now" option, every bid you placed in that auction is returned to your bid balance, so you can try again in new auctions without buying more bids! Save with BidAuto Don't want to have your smartphone in your hand all day long? No problem! The BidAuto will place bids on your behalf. Simply enter the number of bids you wish to place in the auction in the "BidAuto" box, and your BidAuto will automatically place these bids one at a time. It won't waste your bids - the BidAuto only places bids at the most optimal times in the auction, ensuring you get as many free bids as possible! See "Time as Lowest Bidder" for more info. BidAuto Guarantee: In very popular auctions, BidAuto booked before the auction starts may not be able to place a bid before the No Jumper limit is reached. In these cases, as long as the BidAuto was booked before the auction started, and as long as your BidAuto is not canceled, your spot in the auction is guaranteed! Free Bids with "Time as Lowest Bidder" At Onstora we like to reward you for bidding. Every time you are the Lowest bidder in the auction, you will accumulate some time. You will see the Time as Lowest Auto meter at the bottom of your screen. When this fills up, you get free bids! How high can you level up? Winning Limits To ensure equal chances for everyone, you may win:

  • The same item only once per 30 days; all remaining BidAuto on other auctions for the same item will be automatically cancelled at the time of your win.

  • Up to 50 auctions per week; all remaining BidAuto on other auctions will be automatically cancelled at the time of your 50th win. You can bid again when the limit resets at 00:00 UTC +8 on the day of the week you created your account.

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