Onstora has a wide range of variable promotions that give you more benefits. Check the promotion banner on the front page or buy bid page to see currently active promotions. Free Bidding Faster Every time you are the lowest bidder, your bid bar will fill up. When the bar is full you can claim your free bid and your level will increase. During the "Faster Free Bid" promotion, the bar fills up faster, which means you'll earn the next level and the free bid faster! Daily Return Bidder Rewards Keep the bidding series going! By bidding on consecutive days, you increase your daily Return Bidder Rewards limit. The maximum number of daily return bids is 30 and depends on how many bids you placed yesterday. Shipping on Onstora is always free! Auctions start at the same time More excitement, more deals. The timer counts down to the start time of the auctions. Make sure to get online early enough to see all the auctions before they start to ensure you find the most interesting products. Bid pricing Bidding prices may change daily depending on active offers. Make sure to check current offers often, don't miss the cheapest days. Auction Leaderboard When an auction leaderboard promotion is live, the three bidders who have collected the most Time being the Lowest Bidder in an auction will earn Additional Bid Rewards! Every time BidAuto counts Every time your BidAuto automatically sets a bid (not manual, single bid) you will get 9 seconds on the progress bar Time is the lowest bidder, even if someone bid right after you. If any of the Time factors are the Lowest Contractor, these will also apply. Daily Win Limit Each bidder will be able to win up to 5 auctions per day while this promotion is active. Once a bidder has won 5 of their items, they won't be able to participate in more auctions until the end of the day, which means less competition for bidders who haven't hit their limit yet. their! Mystery Auctions Mystery auctions are marked with a question mark. Item is revealed 5 minutes before the auction starts and no BidAuto can be placed before that. This means there will be less competition in these auctions. No Exchange Auctions Unlike most auctions, auctions marked with a red "no trade" icon cannot be exchanged for bids by winners. This means that everyone participating in one of these auctions can purchase the product. As usual, upon completing the Buy Now offer, bidders will receive back all the bids they placed in the auction.

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